• Krisman .
  • Rahmi Dewi
  • Muhammad Hamdi


THz power density-based thermal imaging has been explored to the image of biological tissue theoretically. To rely on mapping the relative temperature and thermal parameters noninvasively, we propose the THz power density-based thermal thermography in application of imaging for a texture of tissue surface. Two-dimensional thermal tomography images of biological tissue were obtained with using a power density range of (10 - 250) and a frequency range of (0.1-1) THz. The axial and lateral resolutions are characterized. Theoretically computed thermal tomography on the transient 1D heat conduction uses several types of biological tissue in the millisecond to picoseconds time range. The results for time intervals of one second or longer show a constant temperature or a steady state centered about one temperature. By contrast, millisecond to picoseconds time ranges display a small but significant temperature change as the depth varies about   0 °C which correlated with the contrasting tissue structures. The steady-state body temperature for second range and the transient-state for significant small change in milliseconds-picoseconds range toward thermal equilibrium is not restricted to be axial and radial depth or spatially invariant. THz power density-based thermal tomography irradiates surface texture of muscle-tumor tissue that gives a good quantitative description of geometrical structures. Morphology of tissue provides boundaries of images, their skeletons, and many preprocessing and post processing techniques, especially in edge thinning and pruning. The primary application of morphology occurs in binary images. The vertices of the tissue surface texture graph are highlighted and its adjacency matrix and several parameters of the graph are also displayed. This characteristic is physiologically realistic and technically accessible.


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., Krisman; DEWI, Rahmi; HAMDI, Muhammad. COMPUTED THERMAL IMAGING FOR TERAHERTZ RADIATION MAPPING ON TISSUE SURFACE TEXTURE. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering Innovation, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 1, p. 12-21, aug. 2019. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 15 sep. 2019.